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Welcome to my personal website. I use this site to publish the various artifacts I've built, and perhaps for some light blogging in the future. On this page I'll be using the word I a lot.

The best way to reach me is by email at .

I've lived in California since 1990 and in San Francisco since 1998. I was born in Devonshire and have lived in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Colorado as well.

I've been programming computers professionally since 1986 and have been lucky to work with some amazing people at some influential companies since then. Most recently I helped design and build the web APIs for, and I'm responsible for much of the infrastructure behind the Freebase apps hosted web application platform.

I feel most alive in the outdoors. There is nothing like the simplicity, physicality, and immediacy of backpacking. My favorite place is the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, where the highest and lowest elevations in the continental US are less than a hundred miles apart. There are mountains and deserts, hot springs and alpine lakes, with spectacular wildlife, weather, and geology.

I'm fascinated by the interplay of sensation, thought, and action, and by how much of our experience is inside our own skin. I started taking lessons in the Alexander Technique in 1994 and completed the teacher training in 2003. I was led to the Alexander work after experience with Taijiquan (also written T'ai Chi Ch'uan) which I've studied off and on since 1988.

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