Nick Thompson - Lessons in the Alexander Technique
4221 20th St #2, SF CA (map)

I offer private instruction in the Alexander Technique at my home in the Castro area of San Francisco.

The Alexander Technique is a century-old method for exploring the connection between how you think and how you move. Most of us are only partially aware of the rich landscape of intention, sensation, reflex and habit that we live in and move through. In Alexander work, we deliberately explore this landscape, including ways of directing movement that are unusual for us. Most students find that they are making a surprising amount of unnecessary effort, and that when they learn to reduce this effort, their reflexes will support them in a way that is both pleasant and effective.

I graduated in December 2003 from the Alexander Technique Institute of San Francisco, a training program approved by the American Society for the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique is best taught one-on-one, with the teacher's hands providing gentle feedback to the student. Trying to get a working sense of the technique from written descriptions alone is a bit like learning to play violin from a book. With that caution in mind, the most comprehensive web resource on Alexander Technique is at

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