Shades of White

Shades of White is a lamp which changes spectrum without changing color. The white light is steady in the center, but its shifting nature is visible in the colored fringes, or at the edge of shadows cast by the lamp. If you have a modern web browser, the large circle above should be animated.

six primary colors

Using six lights, each a different pure color, allows a nearly complete palette of the visible colors. The images here don't capture the actual colors well - purples generated by 450nm and 620nm LEDs would never be mistaken for what you see on your computer monitor.

The lamp can also evoke any one color in an infinite number of ways:

white can be mixed in many ways

Some dyes and inks will slowly change colors under the lamp, as different whites bring out different spectra. There is no way to demonstrate this in a web browser as a computer display only has three primary colors.

Designed and built by Nick Thompson, 2004-2005

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