Miscellaneous source code

Miscellaneous source code, in hopes it may be useful to someone. Mostly GPL'd. This code is distributed with no warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

vcdb: emacs control of visual c++

vcdb is a command-line interface to the visual c++ debugger, with an extension to the gnu emacs gud.el package.

msgflags.el: flags in the emacs modeline

msgflags.el allows you to put a variety of notifications (e.g. new mail, new irc, new log messages) in the modeline.

ssh-find-agent: use an existing ssh-agent process if possible

ssh-find-agent, placed in the .bashrc or .cshrc, will look for an existing ssh-agent process. if found, it will set up the environment variables necessary to authenticate using that agent. if not found, it will start a new agent just as ssh-agent would. This makes it easier to avoid creating lots of ssh-agent processes.

horn: pretty spirals for OpenGL under Win32

This is a translation of a Pascal program from Bob's Freubels which was inspired by the wonderful work of William Latham.

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