vcdb - emacs control of visual c++


vcdb is a command-line interface to the visual c++ debugger, with an extension to the gnu emacs gud.el package.

vcdb is Copyright (C) 2001 Nicholas Thompson. All Rights Reserved. vcdb is distributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. see the file COPYING.txt for details.

the latest version is available from:


index.htm this file
COPYING.txt the GNU General Public License, version 2 command-line perl script that communicates with msdev using the Win32::OLE modules.
vcdb.el gnu emacs support for running vcdb within gud.el


vcdb requires Perl with the Win32::OLE libraries. i am using it with the ActivePerl distribution.

put in your PATH somewhere, and make sure .pl files are started by perl.

if you are using emacs, put vcdb.el in your emacs load-path somewhere. add this to your .emacs file:

   (autoload 'vcdb "vcdb" "Connect to VC++ debugger" t)

i use vcdb.el with ntemacs, based on GNU Emacs 20.7.1. i believe that porting to xemacs will take a bit of work, but xemacs on win32 doesn't really work that well at this point (7/01) anyway.

USAGE will connect to an existing msdev process, or start one if none is found. you need to open the appropriate project within msdev by hand.

within emacs, M-x vcdb

XXX later take executable or project file as command line
 argument, but can't figure out how to get the Open
 command to work.
vcdb may be in any of the following states:
 DISCONNECT - no msdev process chosen
 STOP - msdev present, but no debuggee process.
 RUN - debuggee process is running
 BREAK - debuggee process is stopped in the debugger


         ?  show help
     break  show or add breakpoints
  continue  resume or start the program
    finish  continue to end of current function
      help  show help
      kill  stop the program
      next  step one line in current function
      open  open a project, .exe. or file
     print  evaluate an expression
      quit  exit vcdb
     rerun  restart the program
     state  show current state
      step  step one line
      view  pop the msdev window to the front


the following commands don't work yet, for unknown reasons. any assistance would be great:
break, open, print, state, view